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However, Town Counsel Barbara Carboni said transferring money from one line item to another article is "outside the scope of the article. The other hot topic of the night was the outsourcing of curbside trash collection. Please call for more information or a free consultation.

There were only three options for residents, McGrail said, and outsourcing was the recommendation of the Board of Selectmen. Although cost savings will not be apparent this fiscal year as taxpayers incur the debt of the operational override, McGrail said savings is imminent as DPW workers are reassigned from trash collection to other tasks currently outsourced and workers' compensation goes down. Another resident on Ladyslipper Lane said the town doesn't collect his trash either, and McGrail said he would discuss service to less accessible areas as part of contract negotiations.

The contract is for five years, with two one-year extensions allowed at a 2 percent annual escalation rate per year. Included are 5, rollout gallon trash bins and gallon recycle bins, which was a concern for resident Nancy Breitmayer due to the size of the bins and the length of her driveway. The actual cost savings was not clear. Waterman said, since the DPW had never established a work order system. Those savings will be actualized in the long run, he stated.

With adoption of Article 25 to outsource. Article 26 to buy a new trash truck was passed over. Selectman Randy Parker described the gap between engineering firm CDM Smith's estimated cost and the actual costs of the two bids for the project as a "flagrant error", resulting in the town's reconsideration before using the firm for future projects. W rth skill, knowledge and compassion, BSYES5 provides high level personalized and convenient care for pets In the South coast area and beyond. To me, that's a travesty," he said, eliciting some applause.

Resident Jennifer Stewart asked how sewer rates would be affected, and Finance Director Judy Mooney stated that rates would likely rise by percent on the base rate between percent on the various tiers, with tier 3 paying more than tier 1 consumers as they do now. The article passed with the required two-thirds vote, as this was a bond issuance article. The one-time tax hit will fund a plan to tackle not only the future of the wastewater treatment plant, but also septic system upgrades and other alternatives to comply with federal and state water quality standards.

The ambulance broke down twice on the way to Rhode Island Hospital and Charlton Hospital, "And when we make these trips, we're taking trauma patients. Other articles that passed that night with minimal or no discussion: Article 3, total Water Enterprise budget www. This weekly program runs June 17 th -August 9 th from am- pm with extended care available.

Betki ti e. MA www. Call me for all your real estate needs. Buy and sell with confidence! A slideshow emphasized the poor state of the main stadium field, the track, and the auditorium, which was supported by a photograph of the ORR Drama Club on the stage during a performance, half the cast in darkness due to broken lights also deemed unsafe to the students who operate them. All prices subject to Mass. New Bedford Mon. Launch Service.

Call or email Captain WhalingCityExpeditions. One student recalled times when she felt embarrassed when opposing teams' coaches complained to referees about the state of the facilities. Burke fielded every question thrown at her and often elicited applause. When one voter asked her how she would choose between funding the classroom, the field, or the auditorium if there was ever a financial conundrum, Burke responded, "We make these types of choices every day because all sorts of [unexpected] things happen at the high school.

We look at the funds and we try to meet all needs. He asked for a show of hands for those who have either played on or watched someone play on the ORR field. Most hands went up. ORR senior Will Garcia, captain of the football team and track team, jazz band member, and drama club participant, said, "The big reason why we want to replace that field in the first place is safety. Marion MA www. Resident Joe Zora could barely utter the words in support of the project due to his emotion over simply speaking about his grandchildren who will one day soon move through the ORR schools.

His motion to move the question was barely coherent. The vote to adopt the article prompted loud applause and cheers, as the selectmen begged everyone not to leave. The debate over Article 58 to change the town clerk position from an elected position to an appointed one was split, but the resulting vote was an unequivocal and resounding "aye 7 in favor of appointing the town clerk to somehow restore accountability to the position. The argument in favor of the change was an improvement in the professional delivery of services and accountability, while the argument against stemmed mostly from the concern that political power would become too concentrated.

She supported the idea of Town Meeting adopting a mechanism to recall elected officials rather than making the position appointed. She alluded to current Town Clerk Ray Pickles and how he was appointed to the position of executive director for the Carver, Marion, Wareham Regional Refuse Disposal District decades ago, "But nobody held him accountable The selectmen or CMW board, rather did not hold this individual accountable and that's all I'm going to say.

Hills disagreed. Christine Winters was concerned that the article was a "kneejerk reaction" to the Pickles matter, and any recall provision adopted should be applied "across the board in an orderly and well-defined policy that everyone can understand, and no one is picking and choosing. Finance Committee member Alan Minard supported the article, saying, "I have never seen our current clerk in the building - this will allow us to set hours for this person It all becomes one pool. The article received the two-thirds vote it needed to pass.

The town clerk position will remain elected until either Pickles resigns or until his term expires in May The article was a response to a number of vacant buildings in town being left overgrown for years, said Selectman John Waterman, creating a "blight 7 "that hurt the image of Marion and the value of all properties in Marion," he said. Zora questioned the language and the extent of the bylaw's reach and objected to the discretion being left to one person only, the building commissioner.

I picked it up to see if it was ok , but now I've heard that I can't put it back in the nest because I touched it. What do I do? Leave it there! Coming into the summer months, baby birds fall out of or outgrow the nest before they can even fly. It is not true that the mother can smell the scent of a human and will not take it back.

Birds have a relatively poor sense of smell and will not be able to tell if the baby has been handled. If the bird is starting to fly, the mother will be around to feed the baby. This is normal. The biggest threat is cats, so keep your indoors until the bird is gone. You can contact Dr.


Gould at or visit our website at MattapoisettAH. She recalled a time when serving on the ZB A that the board grappled with the definition of "vacant" in one zoning bylaw. Some considered the proposed. According to Shea, ORR is the only conference school without a press box, and the school has been without one since the renovation 16 years ago. Now, permitting requires a new press box be built to withstand mile-an-hour hurricane winds and must be handicap accessible.

One day. Shea said, someone in a wheelchair will want to operate the scoreboard, manage the music, or wish to video record games for ORCTV. The vote was unanimous. A full renovation project was defeated at Town Meeting last year. Bob Raymond of the Town House Study Committee commented that this proposal at least lets the town preserve some of the historic features of the exterior and May 16, www.

Articles 44 through 54 were passed over due to a clerical error in the warrant not discovered until after it went to print and was posted. Article 59, to prohibit adult-use marijuana and establishments in Marion, was passed over. According to Dawson, the Attorney General would not approve the article, as it was not drafted properly. Sout hCoastSRA. Speranza after-the-fact; Article 60 to authorize the Board of Selectmen to apply for grants on behalf of the town; Article 61, to allow the Board of Selectmen to litigate on behalf of the town; Article 62 to allow the Board of Selectmen to sell excess town-owned property no longer of use to the town; Article 63 to allow the Board of Selectmen to sell or transfer taxation possession property; Article 64 to consider the reports of town officers and committees; Article 65 to place the five questions on the May 17 Annual Election ballot.

The polls at the Benjamin D. Cushing Community Center open at am on Eriday, May 17 and close at pm. Go tn HelptecKs. Briggs Insurance Agency, Inc. Perkins - Andrew P. The project will be one that is "revenue positive," Barrett said. It's able to pay for itself and will actually generate some surplus revenue. Barrett said she focused exclusively on police, fire, and schools in calculating her fiscal impact estimate, saying, "This study is clearly about school, police, and fire because those are the services that will be the most affected.

She started by looking back 10 years at the town's spending habits, town growth, and how communities outside Rochester have been affected by 40R housing before determining that Rochester would experience a fiscal benefit from the development slated for the area of Routes 58 and 28 called Rochester Crossroads. Barrett dispelled some of the myths she said are common with 40R projects, such as the belief that affordable housing developments are inherently negative; not true, said Barrett.

And, of course a higher density residential development will increase the demand on police services - police calls will go up in number, she said, "But to think it becomes a crime problem is not the case. Her academic research suggests, she said, "The more compact the development - the more efficient it is to serve," in terms of services like police and fire.

Barrett anticipates the 40R will bring between 45 and 55 additional students to the town, but trends show that oftentimes those students are comprised of students already living in the town who move into the development, mostly due to the availability of affordable housing units and also through non-custodial parents who wish to stay close to their children post divorce. Barrett said she was looking strictly at steady annual revenue for the town, not the 40R funds offered by the state as incentives for working with the project's developer.

Experience is reflected in everything we do, from free on-site consultations, to the creative design of your dream outdoor space, to the execution of each detail. For free consultation, please call Her cost impact included built-in services for special education, and she said she goes higher in her fiscal impact analyses. State money under Chapter 40S, available only to 40R communities and not with 40B developments, would be offered if the additional students end up costing the town 52 percent more than the revenue the town receives from the 40R, Barrett said.

As a 40B, there would be no incentive money, a point Planning Board Chairman Arnie Johnson wanted emphasized as voters are asked to approve an article for a Smart Growth Overlay District to accommodate the 40R project. The 40R will bring Rochester's state mandated ten percent affordable housing beyond that minimum. Brunch is served Every Sutsday? Sunday, May 19 Noon to p. Visit www. Westport, MA exceeding it by 29 units - more than enough to keep any 40B developers from moving into Rochester after the census.

Steen's project will still have to go through the Planning Board Site Plan Review process, and Conservation Commission and Building Department processes as well, and there will also be a "local preference" on affordable units available first to Rochester residents - all things that would not happen with a 40B. And these 40B projects can be put anywhere in town," said Johnson. Right now, as it stands, the entire town is wide open to a person coming in and putting a 40B in town anywhere.

If we meet the housing requirement An abutter sued Canning to stop his original project, and that failed effort to turn the property into a farmer's market and agricultural operation sent Canning in another direction, renting out the property for solar generation. Rosenblat took center stage for more than an hour detailing the scope of the project and responding to questions.

The project is planned with little impact to the The site has been farmed for decades and is currently flat and almost completely denuded due to agricultural activities. She said that the photovoltaic footprint would only cover 9 acres, although the leased area was 48 acres.

Rosenblat explained that along Marion Road there would not be any fencing, only planting for screening purposes. But what sets this solar project apart from all others in Rochester and the surrounding area was the unique placement of the solar panels and the height of the array - a mere 2. It will also be the largest producer of solar energy in Rochester.

Chairman Arnold Johnson gave the solar team May 16, www. He also discussed, which had the effect of informing the public, the various steps SWEB would be required to take, such as many more meetings with the Planning Board, and permitting by the Zoning Board of Appeals and Conservation Commission. When asked the timing of the project, Rosenblat said that in addition to local permitting, SWEB was awaiting an impact study from Eversource anticipated to start in July and take up to six months to complete.

She confirmed there was evidence of the Eastern box turtle on the site. Rosenblat said she anticipated beginning construction during the second quarter of with completion about 70 days later. Abutter Deloris Dernier also inquired about noise, saying that her home would be directly impacted by any noise generated by the system. Rosenblat could not provide study data on the decimals emitted by the inverters and transformers but offered to provide that at a later date.

She did say, however, that it was her experience that very little noise, if any, would be produced. Rosenblat confirmed that electrical cables would be underground and that a service road off Marion Road would have a foot wide paved apron transitioning to a gravel roadway. Dernier expressed her concern that the road would create stormwater flowage onto her property, which she said was already a problem.

Rosenblat responded that drainage designs would include berms. When Johnson was asked his opinion on whether anything could stop the solar development, Johnson replied, "I don't see anything that would stop it. This is one of the easier ones we've seen. The next meeting of the Rochester Planning Board is scheduled for May 14 at pm, location to be announced. Howard, of Rochester, beloved husband of Elaine M.

Nihill Howard, died peacefully on May 7, at the age of He was the loving and proud father of Jillian Barthel and her husband Matthew of Weymouth. Joe was born in Brockton and raised in New Bedford, before moving to Rochester in Joe worked at United Parcel Service for over 34 years, earning safe driving awards throughout his career. In his retirement, Joe enjoyed fishing, kayaking, crossword puzzles and relaxing outdoors. Rose of Lima Church. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St.

To sign the guestbook, please visit www. He was the husband of Doris r B. McMahon Marsden and was happily married for 58 years. Growing up as a boy during the war in England, he had a unique and adventuresome childhood. Before he came to the United States, Mr. Marsden served as a paratrooper in the Royal Air Force. He completed more than 75 jumps and was stationed in the Suez Canal and Cyprus. After his arrival in the U. Marsden worked as a typesetter and eventually owned and operated his own business, AJ Typesetting in Holliston.

They moved to Rochester in Marsden was a member of the Gleason Family YMCA in Wareham where he enjoyed exercising and spin class with his spin friends well into his eighties. He was an avid hockey fan and for someone that never played hockey, he had a great understanding of the game. Mostly he enjoyed his family and grandchildren. Private graveside services were held in Old Landing Cemetery, Marion.

Box , Fairhaven, MA Englund was a graduate of Lorimor, Iowa H. He moved his already budding family to Boston for continued studies at Boston University. Upon retiring he returned to his love of sculpting. He also pursued his writing, participating in the local Democratic Party Committee and had numerous charities he supported. He proudly served his country as a Marine Sgt. During the Korean War. David also retired as President of Mattapoisett Area Artists, after ten years.

Englund is survived by his loving children; Lori St. Michael Isabelle www, isabelleconstruction. The Notice of Intent hearing included an update on the restoration plan an enforcement order required of Araujo. Rick Charon of Charon Engineering described the project, saying that the majority of the new home would be in the jurisdictional buffer zone, which Conservation Agent Laurell Farinon said was common practice.

Charon also said that the septic system would be outside that area. An existing structure on the property is planned to be part of the family home, but would need sonar tubes that Charon said would be installed using hand tools. Vice-Chairman Daniel Gagne asked if the existing building met building codes. Charon responded that the structure had been on the site since the 's and therefore would be typified as a legally non-conforming structure.

Gagne also questioned if the applicant could make a walkway from the structure to the edge of the pond. Charon said that the homeowner could not be denied access to the water. He was the grandfather of 10, great-grandfather of 10 and uncle to many nieces and nephews. His burial will be held privately. Please omit flowers. For expressions of sympathy, to sign an online guestbook or to light a memorial candle, visit www. William E. Martin Grigg. Grigg served his country for over twenty-five years with the United States Army Reserve, earning the rank of Staff Sergeant and retiring in Bill enjoyed going to the family summer cottage at Crescent beach, in Mattapoisett.

He is also survived by a sister: Maryann Elliot of Maine; two brothers: Paul Grigg of Wobum and Brian Grigg of Lowell; along with many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. John D. John lived an exciting and adventurous life. He loved nature, animals, sailing and fishing, but mostly flying his Cessna , which he flew to Brazil.

He was also elected Portsmouth Police Commissioner where he served for eight years. John adored his wife and family and was a constant source of support, humor and fun. He was a generous friend to all and never hesitated to rescue even perfect strangers in times of peril. John also leaves three step-grandchildren; Dr. Laura Risch, David C. Risch, and Maxwell Risch and his wife Britteny.

Marion at pm. Reception at the Beverly Yacht Club to follow at If you have a notice you would like to have included in the Obituaries section, please contact our office at: , by fax at , or by email at office wanderer. To the commission Farinon asked, "You want applications in general to include narratives in obvious matters The hearing was continued until May Also coming before the commission was Liam Delowery, South Coast Creative LLC, 68 Bowen's Lane, with a restoration plan for 2, square feet of altered bordering vegetated wetlands in an after-the-fact Notice of Intent filing.

Brian Grady of G. Engineering represented the applicant. Farinon reported that a site visit found lots of trucks, trailers, construction materials, and a large manure pile all within jurisdictional zones. Grady said that environmental scientist Brad Holmes had been hired to assist in the development of a restoration plan.

He also noted that the commission would be making a site visit on Saturday, May Farinon said that the process would be in two phases: 1. Dealing with the mitigation issues; and 2. Future filings for business activities at the property. After reviewing the proposed changed that would make the roadway "utility grade," the commission concurred that an RDA filing was sufficient. The next meeting of the Rochester Conservation Commission is scheduled for May 21 at pm in the Town Hall meeting room.

We observed many terns arriving to this crucial nesting spot, as well as oyster catchers, gulls, and a pair of Canadian geese. We also toured the year-old lighthouse. The museum wishes to thank Isaac Perry and his crew for allowing us to take the trip with them, and the Tabor and ORR students for their help.

Photos courtesy Elizabeth Leidhold Sunday's wind and rain wasn't stopping the hundreds who participated in the annual Mother's Day Tiara 5k in Mattapoisett on May The storm brought strong wind and cold rain to the area, especially at the turn around Ned's Point Lighthouse, dampening the day but not the sentiment behind the Women's Fund of Southeastern Massachusetts' largest annual fundraising event.

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Superintendent Doug White reminded the committee that it must inform the Department of Education by June 1 whether or not it will offer any slots to out-of-district students for School Choice before making his recommendation. In other business, the committee voted to adopt a meeting schedule of every six weeks for the next school year. Rare offering on Water Street in Marion Village! This stately home is set back from the street offering privacy while also offering breathtaking Sippican Harbor views. The house has a sprawling first floor with bright rooms that graciously flow into one another.

Gourmet kitchen, dining room, living room with cathedral ceiling, cozy library with a gas fireplace, sunroom and 3 secondary bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms complete the first floor.

The second floor master suite has a custom closet, a custom master bathroom, plus stunning harbor views from the private balcony. The stunning grounds include a heated saltwater pool, barn, outdoor showerand bluestone patio. Box Marion, Massachusetts www. Inspirational, Isaiah Benoit, 12, Fairhaven. Photos by K. The turnout exceeded past Kids Equipment Fun Day events in Marion, especially last year's, which was repeatedly postponed and then canceled altogether.

The weather was sublime this year, drawing hundreds to the park for some fun and free food courtesy of the Recreation Department. Quality Resale for the Whole Family urn Attending a wedding or graduation? Lifestyles Plaza, Fairhaven Estate Planning A will, health care proxy and power of attorney are cornerstones of your estate plan.

Although it isn't the record the Seawolves would've wanted at this point in the year, before the season began, their sub-. That's primarily because Tabor only has a handful of seniors on the roster. By and large, this group is looking to develop in preparation for next season. George's on Saturday for a pm first pitch. He has a 3. I've got some kids coming Mayflower Small Vocational title after knocking off Norfolk in locally who are going to help.

It's looking bright for the future. And I really love this team, too. They're a fun group to coach and they really want to work hard and they're really competitive. Cady is also bringing the power, leading the team with four doubles. Ted Dunn is hitting. On the mound. Tommy Rousseau gives Tabor the best chance to win from game-to-game. Starring Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch.

Directed by Amy Poehler. Running time: minutes. MPA A rating: R. Streaming on Netflix as of May The women in Wine Country are such good company that I hate to complain that the script is a little underdone. So mostly I won't. Essentially, if you were female and responsible for some laughs on SNL in the early '00s, Wine Country is your class reunion. And like class reunions, this occasion elicits some looking inward; the plot has Abby Poehler throwing a 50 th- birthday trip for Rebecca Dratch , and they and the four other friends who come along face various fears connected to being a woman of a certain age.

To be honest, though. Wine Country contends more with generational conflict than with gender conflict. Other than Jason Schwartzman as a house boy providing food and sex when needed, a barely glimpsed husband, a doctor who quickly gets hooted out of the room, and a couple others, males pretty much don't exist in this movie, or are irrelevant. On the other hand. Generation X resentment towards millennials is all over Wine Country , which may limit its audience a bit. Being Gen-X myself, this shouldn't bother me, but along about the second hour the millennial-bashing wears a bit thin.

Maybe it's nothing personal, though — the general beef these ladies have is not younger women but no longer being younger women. What these women all have in common is that, decades ago, they worked at a pizza place and became friends; they're not all the same age, but they share pop-culture experiences and similar trajectories. One works in an office, one's a therapist, one's a TV star on the wane, etc. They're all fairly well-to-do; nobody's struggling like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids , a movie with a more finely tuned script than this one.

A lot of the funnier parts sound improvised, no shock considering improv master Poehler was also the director. The writing isn't bad, really; it just feels at times like a collection of sequences governed by a checklist. Mortality, check. Disappointing hubby, check. Job security threatened by the kids today, check twice. Is Amy Poehler that nervous about aging out of Baby Mama-type roles? Fortunately this cast is full of entertainers, and they treat the script credited to Emily Spivey, who perhaps modestly keeps her own character largely sidelined, and Liz Cackowski as a blueprint to bounce riffs off each other.

For instance, I know a raccoon was in the script because someone on the film crew took the time to put a pawprint on a glass door, but the exchange between Dratch and Rudolph about how you can tell it's a. For millennial readers bristling at yet another piece of entertainment that shames them, I would also point out that Wine Country brings in a ringer — Cherry Jones, of the late-Boomer period, as a Tarot reader who hilariously puts the ladies in their place with bleak, accurate assessments of their present and future.

The Tarot works according to archetype, and so does the movie; the characters are full of quirks and whimsical devils, so they seem fresh and individualized. The cast are all smart, snarky women who would get bored playing stereotypes , not archetypes. Tina Fey's character, the wildly rich owner of the house where the women are staying, is agreeably hard to pin down; she contains multitudes, like everyone else here. It's a real comfort-food movie, and that's apparently all Poehler and her team wanted to make. Don't they deserve to? Don't we deserve to have one?

They work hard in practice and in games. They've learned to pick themselves up and not let little things get them down. They're a great group of guys to be around. He has a 2. Old Colony dropped to on the year after the loss. Jacob Worden gave up three earned runs, but still has a rock bottom 1. Unfortunately for the Cougars, they were unable to hold onto the lead they'd built heading into the seventh inning because the field conditions took a turn for the worse at that stage in the game.

She now has six hits in her last six at-bats, improving her average to. Te'Lynn Layton is currently ranked second on the team in batting after her two-hit day against Tri-County. She is hitting. Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society that recognizes and encourages achievement in scholarship, athletics, campus or community service, social and religious activities, as well as campus government, journalism, speech and the mass media, and creative and performing arts.

Wurl is majoring in Doctor of Pharmacy. Williams is a nursing major and a member of the class of To qualify for the dean's list, students must achieve a grade-point average of 3. Sippican Historical Society In , the Sippican Historical Society commissioned an architectural survey of Marion's historic homes and buildings. The survey was funded one-half by the Sippican Historical Society and one-half by the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Bills are available. Needs cosmetics. Reason for selling, illness. Call or text Equipment list available upon request.

The results of the survey are in digital form on the Massachusetts Historical Commission's website and in four binders in the Sippican Historical Society's office and at the Marion Town Clerk's office. Marion Old Rochester is one of the oldest towns in the United States, and the Sippican Historical Society maintains an extensive collection of documentation on its historic buildings.

The Sippican Historical Society will preview one building a week so that the residents of Marion can understand more about its unique historical architecture. This installment features 61 Pleasant Street. The home at 61 Pleasant Street was built c. Its earliest identified owner was Austen Lovell, an expressman. By the late s, R. Hart owned this residence. His wife, Bertha M. Hart, lived here until her death in the late s.

Hart's first husband was Gamaliel Morss of Marblehead, who was a member of the 8th regiment. He was part of the unit that escorted the Prince of Wales during his visit to Massachusetts. Morss was one of the first men killed in the Civil War. The first eight years of the Harts' marriage was spent at sea. They lived in this home for over 60 years. Bruce Gardzina and Tom Styles will be playing a variety of music. It is designed to play vibrating brass reeds instead of pipes. Please come and enjoy the music and our museum. On the practical side, deal firmly, but fairly, with those who might try to undermine your work efforts.

But be ready to defuse a dispute before it can disrupt all that peace and harmony. CANCER June 21 to July 22 A practical view of a romanticized situation could help to clarify some of its more confusing aspects before you make a decision that could be tough to undo later on. LEO July 23 to August 22 Pay more attention to what a recent spate of workplace criticism might say about your performance and not what you think it implies about you personally. Some flexibility might be called for.

LIBRA September 23 to October 22 Before you decide to close down a problem-loaded project and make a fresh start with someone else, try once more to reach a compromise with your balky partner. He or she might surprise you. But before you do, you might want to take some time to check out previously overlooked factors.

Deal with the most urgent and time-sensitive situations first, and then work down the line. PISCES February 19 to March 20 Creating a calm, peaceful place for yourself in the middle of a roiling emotional whirlpool this week starts when you, and no one else, decide how to make decisions about your life. White Eagle is located off of Route 6 in Marion. Take Parlowtown Road across from the town cemetery and follow the road until you reach the cul-de-sac. Bear left onto the dirt road and follow it past the abandoned cranberry bog on your right. Parking is available directly past the bog and along the dirt roadside.

The kiosk is a short walk beyond. Sky Sky 9. Join us on a calm trip into the sky in a hot air balloon. Ocean Ocean Night Sky Night Sky 3. Flowers Flowers 2. Twilight Twilight 5. Shooting Star Shooting Star 6. Starry Nights Starry Nights Season 1. Look at the moon and the beautiful stars and take it slow. Sky Sky 6. Magic Stars Magic Stars 4. Moonlight Moonlight Moonlight Time to dream peaceful dreams. Shooting Star Shooting Star 1. It's time for a peaceful night full of wonderful dreams. Night Sky Night Sky 7.

River River Four landscape episodes present a blend of nature and imagination. Join us on a peaceful stroll along a serene river bank, a flowering field and much more! Night Sky Night Sky 1. Starry Nights Starry Nights Look at the moon and the beautiful stars and take it slow. Night Sky Night Sky 6. Sky Sky Flowers Flowers 7. Twilight Twilight 7. Concertino Concertino Waltz. Wooly 1 Wooly 1 Playground. Wooly and his friends are having fun at the playground! Join Wooly as he tries to rescue Benjamin the cute kitten who got stranded on a tree.

Come along and see Wooly as he ties together the rides and slides down with the kitten! Sky Sky 2. Moonlight Moonlight Moonlight 9. Crystal Ball Crystal Ball Unicycle. Magical shapes that move and transform to create surprising objects. In this one-of-a-kind dance series, two imaginary creatures pick up everyday objects and transport them into a fantasy world filled with colour, imagination, music, and movement.

Wooly 1 Wooly 1 Mountain. Wooly loves exploring nature and goes on a hike! Grab a cane, put on a backpack and join Wooly as he climbs up a mountain! Come along and see who's behind the bushes, reach the summit and touch the sky! Time for Bed Time for Bed See how fun preparing for bedtime can be with this new compilation of themed episodes from a variety of our shows including Tulli, Grandpa's Gallery and more. Concertino Concertino First Movement. Start your day with your favourite characters, exciting stories and renewed energy! Mice builders Mice builders Vase. Join the mighty mice builders as they work and play!

Come sing along and help them build their new home! Animated images try to imitate the movements of their human counterparts who in turn try to challenge their animated images into performing more challenging feats. Mice builders Mice builders Choo Choo. What's inside the package? A magician's hat or an iron? Of course not! It's a toy train! All Aboard! A musical series about the daily routine of kids from morning through lunch and bath time to bedtime. Charlie is back with new and exciting friends - the alphabet! Meet Charlie's new Alphabet friends as they go on adventures together and learn letters and their sounds.

Grandpa Joe uses his magical building blocks to create surprising animals and toys with the help of Joy, Dylan and his dog Dustin. Join Fast Frank as his rushes off to deliver packages to his animal friends around the world until he finally find them in their natural habitat. Pierre the Painter Pierre the Painter Bus. Pierre the passionate painter meets kids and paints pictures for them.

While he is drawing, the children try to guess what he is painting. Mitch Match Mitch Match Tower. Four puzzle pieces work together to create an object that takes part in an adventure. Pim and Pimba find an umbrella in the snow. Join our cute penguins as they have fun pretending the canopy is a parachute to jump from an aeroplane and the shaft is a cane and a hook to enjoying sliding on ropes!

Momento the great chef has a restaurant, three pickled friends and a loyal diner named Perfecto who arrives at the restaurant each day with a surprise in his basket. The show intrigues kids to try new kinds of foods that are good for them. Oliver Oliver Boat. Oliver takes viewers to familiar locations to introduce first basic concepts such as colours, numbers, shapes and sizes. Giraffe, Squirrel and Baby and to play ball. Will they be able to take the ball from Elephant's house without waking her up? Toto and his best friend Robbie are toys that come to life in a kindergarten after all the kids have gone home.

The kindergarten transforms into an imaginative world where they discover what the kids did and learned in the kindergarten that day and experience wonderful adventures. Make your child a star on BabyTV and create their own personalised birthday greeting on babytv. Learn about the amazing storks! They have a long beak, red legs and can fly great distances. Tulli 2 Tulli 2 Washing Machine. What's that? Join Tulli as he tries to figure out what object is in front of him. Come along and enjoy beautiful music! Waking up the castle every day is not easy, but our two heroes manage to overcome obstacles and get the kingdom ready in time for the new day.

In this animated series, Billy and Bam-Bam venture to the playroom or the park where they amuse themselves by playing together, squabbling a bit, and then playing together again. Mona and Sketch Mona and Sketch Car. Mona is an adventurous girl with a very special friend named Sketch. Mona uses her imagination to think of what she wants to be and Sketch helps her out with his artistic skills.

Puzzle Games Puzzle Games 5. Two friendly puppets let us share in their delightful world of fun games and easy puzzles which introduce children to first concepts. Meet Raffa - a kind hearted giraffe who is always willing to help. Raffa's friends can count on him to solve their problems with lots of enthusiasm and plenty of humour.

Rocco Rocco Chestnuts. Rocco finds tasty chestnuts but their shells are very prickly. How will he be able to carry them? Cuddlies Cuddlies Dance Day. The adventures of four magical creatures that deal with simple everyday problems and dilemmas. Baby butterfly and his friends remember fun times they had together. They manage to overcome any difficulties because they know that staying friends is the most important thing. Join Lale and Lolu on their adventure in a fairy's magical world.

From ancient Egypt to the Far East, the two loveable creatures communicate with one another through sounds! The circus is in town!

Join in and enjoy the show; watch the clowns perform traditional slapstick tricks, watch the acrobats, magicians and weight lifters perform! Lola visits the farm and has a world of fun with the animals. See how she milks cows, walks with the chicks, waters the vegetable garden and much more. BabyTV Studios brings to life historical events in a fun and interactive manner.

The starring role is always reserved for your child to take part in these magical moments. Mick sets out to explore and collect stickers for his album. When he visits a beach, a ranch and more, Mick learns about the different objects that are associated with each place. Mice builders Mice builders Electric Guitar. Take a musical journey and discover sights and sounds like you've never heard them before - from classical music, to jazz, rhythm and blues, and even rock 'n' roll. Pierre the passionate painter meets kids and paints them a picture. While he begins drawing, the children try to guess what he is painting!

Who doesn't like to play hide and seek? Ready or not here we come! We see you! Charlie lives in the Kingdom of Numbers, a magical place where numbers are the main characters. Charlie befriends the numbers from in this enjoyable discovery of counting. Snail Trail Snail Trail Mole. The friends have fun playing with a pot and a wooden spoon! The pot flips over and turns into a drum! Come along and play wonderful music before a lovely audience of sweet sheep! Join the parade and come back home on a musical note! Mona and Sketch Mona and Sketch Rainbow.

Cuddlies Cuddlies Having a Cold. Why does the male peacock have such a beautiful and colorful tail! Come find out! Green Square and Spiral try to prove who's the strongest. After they lift weights, Charlie proposes that they should to see who can drop more apples from the tree? Who do you think will win? Zoe meets Jerry the Giraffe and has lots of fun playing ball with him. Join giraffe and pick tasty fruit from the tree tops! Come along and stretch your body till you touch the clouds and reach the sky way up high!

The Circus is in town and you don't want to miss out! Watch humorous magic tricks, daring acrobats, and hilarious clowns. There is always something for everyone at the circus. Oliver Oliver Orchard. Rocco Rocco Acorns. Rocco finds a unique way to take home all the acorns he has found.

Choopies Choopies Indian Tribe. The Choopies are happy and adventurous Scouts. In each episode they receive an assignment from their scout leader and go on a mission to bring back a different object. Tucky Tales Tucky Tales Bunny. An animated Parrot takes viewers on adventures in different places around the world, in each series learning something new by trying to copy the behaviours of a local animal. Puzzle Games Puzzle Games Snuggle Puppets Snuggle Puppets Hugs!. The series is about being a toddler and discovering new daily activities that kids around the world share. Mice builders Mice builders Bean Bag.

Take a musical journey and discover sights and sounds like you've never heard them before - from classical music, to jazz, rhythm and blues and even rock'n'roll. Pierre the Painter Pierre the Painter Dog. Snuggle Puppets Snuggle Puppets Ride. Do you like to ride on a bicycle? Or maybe on a scooter? Do you like riding fast? Or maybe slowly? Come join us for a ride in the park! Snail Trail Snail Trail Cricket. The story takes place in the room as well as in the boy's imagination, where each object turns into something surprising and fun. Join Mona and Sketch as they set out on an adventure to become engine drivers!

Join the fun as Sketch scribbles an engine, train cars and passengers! What's missing? An engine driver suit, of course! Come along and help create sky diving parachutes when the train runs out of tracks! Cuddlies Cuddlies Musical Band. Do you know pigeons were once used to deliver mail? Come learn interesting facts about pirgeons. Parallelogram the dancer can't find a stage to perform on. All her friends try to help by offering to be a stage but they're not the right size. Will she be able to put on the show she promised her friends?

Zoe is having a picnic and comes across an amazing animal parade! Join the Lion King as he marches ahead and leads the ceremony with his shiny crown, royal golden mane and loud roar! Crafy Rafty Crafy Rafty Corks. Oliver Oliver Flying. Rocco Rocco Long Vine. Rocco gets tangled in a long vine. Will he be able to untangle himself? Choopies Choopies Hiking. Tucky Tales Tucky Tales Owl. Perfecto comes to the restaurant with flour in his basket. Will Momento know what to make with it? Of course he will! Delicious flower shaped rolls! Mick is getting ready to go on a picnic.

Join him as he discovers which items are needed to have a nice picnic. Come along and see how he lays out a checkered tablecloth, eats a tasty sandwich and enjoys a wonderful time with a friend in the hammock! It's afternoon! Join the fun and play in the playground! Watch the robin and lark as they clean their lovely nest! Dream on the grass and have a fine rest! Pierre the Painter Pierre the Painter Helicopter.

Ship Ahoy! Pim and Pimba find a cooking pot in the snow. Join our cute penguins as they have fun pretending the pot with handles is a hat as they enjoy sailing the high seas and using it as a drum in an orchestra! Oliver Oliver Sweet Dreams. Come meet one of the largest animals on land! Tulli 2 Tulli 2 Clean Up. Mona and Sketch Mona and Sketch Tennis. Puzzle Games Puzzle Games 7.

Rocco Rocco Plum. Rocco wants to take home a big plum. Will he be able to carry it? The curious Pitch and Potch play with a sound machine that introduces the distinct sounds made by different objects and animals. Let's Dance Let's Dance Funk 1. Come and dance the Hokey Pokey with us! Make a clip for your child on www. Stitches Stitches Needles and the Balloon. Needles is playing with his new balloon when he meets Squeaky the mouse. When Squeeky tries to hold on to the balloon he finds himself up in the air.

When Bouncy and froggy come to the rescue they also find themselves in the same situation. Will Needles be able to rescue them? Louie the friendly dog builds a wider introduction of objects that are introduced in Louie's World, focusing on grouping, sorting, and naming.

A moment before bedtime, Teddy Bear tells Mama Bear about the experiences of his day as he sets off into the world of fantasy and imagination. Wooly 1 Wooly 1 Leaves. Wooly enjoys playing in the puddle when the rain has gone away. Join Wooly has he helps the sad leaves that have fallen off the tree turn into happy and lucky leaves! Come and hear Wooly and the birds sing a song as the leaves smile and dance along!

Louie's World Louie's World Music. Crystal Ball Crystal Ball Wings. Wooly 1 Wooly 1 Musical Band. Wooly tries to play the guitar but no tune comes out! Join Wooly as he goes for a walk and creates a wonderful band with chirping birds, a cricket and a croaking frog! Come along and enjoy the magical music as it is set free! River River 5. Ocean Ocean 5. Wacky Races Wacky Races The wackiest-ever bunch of racers compete for the title of 'World's Wackiest Racer', with Dick Dastardly and Muttley using every kind of dirty trick to win.

Grizzy And The Lemmings Grizzy And The Lemmings Even for a giant seven-foot bear, it's not easy getting rid of pesky lemmings but it's all fun seeing them constantly try to outsmart each other with cheeky plans! Bunnicula Bunnicula The paranormal comedy adventures of 13 year old Mina, her pets Chester the paranoid cat, Harold the family dog, and of course Bunnicula, the fun-loving vampire rabbit.

Follow along as Tom and Jerry plot against each other. What's New Scooby-Doo? Season 1. Daphne's uncle sends the gang to a museum in Costa Rica to find out who or what is behind the appearance of a rampaging dinosaur. With his big snout that looks like a horn, he is ready to leap into action and face any challenge. Mr Magoo Mr Magoo Mr. Magoo is a rich retiree who gets into a series of comical situations as a result of his extreme short-sightedness. Bean and his life-long best friend a stuffed teddy on adventures such as avoiding an irate landlady or an evil one-eyed cat. Taffy Taffy Welcome to Muchmore manor, home of uber-rich senior Mrs.

Muchmore and her beloved dog with a red bow, Bentley. Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Mystery The Scooby gang need to figure out why the ghost of Elias Kingston, the founder of Kingston University, is haunting the school halls! Craig of the Creek Craig of the Creek A vicious game of tag wreaks havoc on the Creek, claiming Kelsey as the next it.

Ben 10 Ben 10 When year-old Ben Tennyson discovers a mysterious device, he gains the power to change into different alien heroes, each with uniquely awesome powers. Clarence Clarence Welcome to the world of Clarence! It may seem pretty darn ordinary, but through the eyes of Clarence, this average world becomes filled with possibility and wonder. Come and grab your friends, we'll go to very distant lands. With Jake the dog and Finn the human, the fun will never end. Regular Show Regular Show Off-the-wall comedy surrounding the surreal misadventures of Mordecai and Rigby; two park groundskeepers facing a daily battle against their by-the-book boss, Benson.

Let's Be Heroes An enthusiastic young boy earns a job at a hero supply store and trains to become the Greatest Hero Ever. The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls When danger looms in Townsville, the call goes out to Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup who fly into action against villains to save the day before bedtime. DC Superhero Girls DC Superhero Girls When six ordinary girls meet and discover that they each have extraordinary powers, they decide to join forces to take on one of Metropolis's most sinister villains. Teen Titans Go! Join the teenage superheroes as they fight to save the world and get up to hilarious and mischievous antics.

Unikitty Unikitty Unikitty, a kitty and unicorn hybrid who is the ruler of the kingdom, must prevent Master Frown from taking over the castle and spreading sadness and negativity. Oswaldo Oswaldo The crazy adventures of Oswaldo, an ingenious and dreamy penguin of 12 years with an innate ability to transform any daily situation into an unforgettable adventure.

Summer Camp Island Summer Camp Island Oscar and Hedgehog arrive on Summer Camp Island and figure out pretty quickly that most normal summer camps don't have witch-counsellors, aliens and talking trees. Alex, Nicole, Christian, Sam and Emma are five inseparable friends facing their high school years full of emotions, love, fears and dreams together.

They are united through their great friendship and their new-found passion for music, which they will cultivate into real talent. Evermoor Chronicles Evermoor Chronicles Season 2. These chronicles continue the fascinating Evermoor story, exploring themes of teen friendship, family and romance against a backdrop of a strange, mysterious world, peopled by characters old and new. Season 3. She has to help him right wrongs until he 's liberated from limbo. They become a crime-solving team and try to find out more about Melchior's mysterious past.

Evermoor Chronicles Evermoor Chronicles Season 1. The tapestry has been defaced and must be protected, but it's prom night and new Circle Page, Seb, has a date! Tara has an idea to save the tapestry and the prom The tapestry has been stolen and Tara is the scapegoat. Sorsha is expelled from the Circle and Otto meets a terrible fate.

A series about a group of friends starting secondary school on a higher education course. The friends will find a secret place where in spite of the stiff rules of the school they will nurture their bond and their passion for music. Violetta Violetta Season 1. Violetta is a very talented teenager who returns to her home town where she finds love, and discovers her vocation for music.

Flash, an alien from a distant galaxy, is sent to earth to the Ronks, a Neanderthal tribe, in order to electro-shock humankind into the future. Shrink It Up. When Rocky and CeCe start to argue, Gary recommends they visit his therapist. But after they've seen the shrink they argue more than ever, and it starts to affect their dancing. Raven's Home Raven's Home Season 3. The kids accidentally get stuck on a cruise ship alone, while Raven and Chelsea desperately try to catch up with the ship via jet-ski!

The Tsums always create a picture perfect moment. Sydney and Olive decide to help Max at the bike shop's biggest sale of the year. When Leo's dad hires a girl to work at the arcade, Max and Leo compete to see who can impress her the most. Penny On M. S Penny On M. S Season 1. Penny's singing exam went wrong, so she won't be allowed to audition for the school final show.

Sebastian and Penny kiss in front of Lucy and a broken-hearted Camilla. Undercover K. Undercover Season 1. Agent Beverly hassles K. Marisa inadvertently used the classified information for her class paper and must race to get it back. Bizaardvark Bizaardvark Season 1. Jessie Jessie Season 2. Teacher's Pest. Zuri is having trouble with a teacher, so Jessie volunteers to help at school to see what's happening.

Unfortunately the lonely teacher ends up wanting to be Jessie's best friend! Jessie's Big Break Part 1.

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Highly recommend! Farrell, formerly a vice president at Starbucks, is offering two different super-premium blended rums, one white rum and one aged rum. The Notice of Intent hearing included an update on the restoration plan an enforcement order required of Araujo. Where better to practice the craft of writing than LexPoMo? Knowles joined the brand two years ago as estate manager, and in his new role, will oversee hospitality, sales, and IT, amongst other things.

Jessie arrives in New York City to follow her dreams and suddenly finds herself as the nanny to the children of a famous movie director and ex-supermodel turned business mogul. Ramier is a pigeon lover. Akumatized by Hawk Moth, he becomes Mr. Pigeon and wants to turn Paris into a kingdom for his favorite birds. To stop him, our heroes must ruffle some feathers! S1 Ep6. Marinette's best friend Alya is akumatized by Hawk Moth. Ladybug must protect her secret identity at all costs! S1 Ep7. Bizaardvark Bizaardvark Season 3. Meanwhile Frankie's driving skills are less than impressive.

New Year's Eve-A-Rooney. So they argue and make up online. Liv hosts a New Year's Eve broadcast and uses it to her advantage. Joey and Parker's room is so filthy even they can't stand it, and try to get the girls to clean it. After losing a bet, Liv and Maddie are forced to spend the night in the room. KC is paired with another young spy, Brett who unknown to her is arch nemesis Zane's son to pose as boyfriend and girlfriend and take down a pirate movie ring.

She is attracted to him, then finds him annoying, then is attracted again! S1 Ep Bunk'd Bunk'd Season 2. Camp Kikiwaka hosts its annual dance, which has Tiffany and Zuri hoping they will dance with a cute boy. Meanwhile Emma learns about some of the history between Lou and Xander. A young singer gets akumatized into Frightningale.

Armed with a magic mike, she wants to turn Paris into a giant musical. Adrien's bodyguard gets akumatized into Gorizilla. Endowed with extraordinary strength and an acute sense of smell, he tracks Adrien all through Paris. Disney Cookabout Disney Cookabout Season 3. Cookery gameshow set in South Africa. Two young chefs head out to explore where the food on our tables comes from and then back to the amazing kitchen to rustle up some tasty dishes.

With Kirsten Mohamed and Mthunzi Ntoyi. Kick It Up. Deuce tells Rocky and CeeCee they are too alike and spend too much time together. They do things separately, but CeeCee gets jealous when Rocky enjoys her karate class too much. Farm A. Farm Season 2. Mutant Farm II. Chyna Parks, a musical prodigy in the A. T Advanced Natural Talents programme which sends talented kids to high school three years early, must overcome other students' resentment to fit in. Detective Agantcy. Mickey enters a three-legged race and vows to win without cheating. Paige and Willow sell homemade granola at the local farmers market.

Bernie and Frankie try to return a cell phone to its angry owner. Who's afraid of the big bad monster? Not Ladybug and Cat Noir. Cooper and Cami learn that their beloved hangout, their local ice rink, is going to be torn down by its new owner, Bobby Bonafante. Sydney and Olive's bond is tested when they both become friends with the new girl and keep it behind each others' backs.

Young Max and Leo try out for the basketball team. Harley is grounded when Daphne gets hurt playing on Harley's latest invention. She sets about proving to Susy that her little sister is not blameless. Harley's latest invention, the Harleycar, is a pedicab that can transport kids all over town. But when Ethan invests in her business she is forced to share the bike with him. Undercover Season 3. Ernie and Marisa team up to help K. Three's A Crowd It Up. Gary gives the opening number to a new dance group, annoying the girls until they find it's an all-boy group! One boy asks several girls out, but he just wants to be friends.

When Rocky and Cece play truant from Gary's trip to a charity event, they end up stranded in a small Texas town where the mayor asks them to perform on the wings of a Second World War era plane! Liv and Maddie are identical twin sisters who've lived apart for four years. Now they are reunited they must learn to cope with high school life, mischievous brothers and each other's differences! Liv and Maddie are identical twin sisters who 've lived apart for four years.

Jessie Jessie Season 3. Between the Swoon and New York City. Jessie meets handsome, rich Brooks - not realising he's evil Mrs Chesterfield's son. When she hears he's dating Jessie she's furious and cuts off his money. No Money, Mo' Problems. Tony realises he still has feelings for Jessie, but is it too late? Jagged Stone's assistant Penny gets akumatized into Troublemaker. She used to solve other people's problems, now she's going to cause all the problems! A toddler is akumatized into Gigantitan, a giant baby who crisscrosses Paris looking for a lollipop and destroying everything in his path!

Stopping him won't be child's play for Ladybug and Cat Noir. Lolirock Lolirock Season 1. The adventures of Iris, a teenage girl who must divide her time between gigs with her rock band and life as a princess from a faraway kingdom. Binny finds out she shares her room with the ghost Melchior. They become a crack crime-solving team and at the same time they try to find out more about Melchiors mysterious past. Spencer cooks up a scheme to get Ponzi fired, but the new principal turns out to be even worse. Spencer arranges for Billy's pet to be brought home. Randy must learn a valuable new lesson about respect and humility after accidently breaking his sword.

Franz, a freaky new exchange student, threatens to destroy the Ninjja, and Randy and Howard's friendship. The Ninja must save the town from a giant robot. School Spirit Week turns into a disaster when Howard is possessed by a mythical demon bird. Boyster Boyster Season 1. Ozzy plays a trick on Rafik who thinks Boyster is to blame. Shelby has to mediate. Boyster enters a Mexican wrestling match to get money to buy Lola a Mother's Day gift. Boyster sneezes blue ink when he has a cold, and turns Alicia's drawings blue.

Magic is Rafik's new hobby but his audition attracts the attention of an evil, ambitious magician. Counterfeit Cat Counterfeit Cat Season 1. Gark gets a surprise party to celebrate his first year on Earth. Max deduces a giant wart on Betty's nose means Zaxos is back. Max and Gark are transported back through video game time. Max is unimpressed with Betty and Gark's surprise birthday party, so they summon The Flarshaman, galactic birthday taskmaster.

Ninja thinks he's got a cheat sheet for every battle. Is he right? Randy blames the Ninja for trashing Howard's house, causing a Mort vs. Ninja battle! S2 Ep Howard suddenly becomes evil. Can Randy get him back to normal? Randy's reaction to a fan opens him up to attack. Ozzy steals a nerd's birthday present so Boyster disguises himself to get it back.

At Halloween everyone is playing a video game featuring crabs, but Boyster has a phobia about them. When Lola makes Shelby some false legs, Boyster and Rafik enter him in a competition. Boyster thinks he's injured Father Christmas and decides to fill in for him. When Max jumps into a wormhole, Gark follows. They float through space and he uses his powers to make Max brave. Max turns crazy and runs away. Gark tries to bring him back. S1 Ep5. Max and Gark mistake a poster for a real cat. Gark thinks Betty's wart is intergalactic criminal Xaxos. Randy stops the Nomicon warning Ninja about letting Julian join the boys' big night.

Supa Strikas Supa Strikas Season 5. He becomes so selfish it stops him being a team player, so Shakes sets out to find out what's happening. S5 Ep2. North Shaw has a strong rivalry with the Hydra's star Giorgio Liquido. They stage an underwater race, but has their rivalry doomed the stadium?

S5 Ep3. Lab Rats Lab Rats Season 4. With suspicious things still happening the Lab Rats must find the rebel. Leo starts behaving oddly but he's doing it in his sleep so they confront their primary suspect. S4 Ep2. When Douglas' long lost dog, Otis, shows up on the island, Chase becomes severely allergic and Adam instantly bonds with him. The boys use their shrinking machine on themselves so they can fit anywhere. Candace steals the machine to show to Mum, then accidentally shrinks herself and the boys have to come to her rescue. Baljeet asks the boys to help him impress a childhood girlfriend.

They suggest a cruise. Baljeet enrols for a geology course, but it's actually about becoming a rock star. Ferb fancies Vanessa and helps her get a special substance for her dad. Gravity Falls Gravity Falls Season 1. It's hot in Gravity Falls so the Pines head down to the pool. Dipper gets a job as a life guard, and Mabel meets a boy with lovely hair, who's confined to the pool as he's a merman. After a sleepover, Dipper and Mabel decide they can't share the same room any more.

They find a spare one, which contains an old carpet that it turns out can swap people's bodies. The boys try to prove the existence of the elusive Chupacabra. The gang celebrates Isabella's birthday but what she really wants is quiet time with Phineas. Phineas and Ferb make a ball of water to relax in. The collaboration's success leads to an ego clash. Gramma turns down an offer for the farm, leading the family on a treasure hunt. The family takes their first trip to a movie multiplex. Cricket thinks he's too mature for the kids' movie so tries to sneak into a more grown-up one instead.

Cricket registers his house on a homeshare website, but gets irritated when his guests demand his constant attention. Candace adopts a stray rabbit, then the boys discover it's a spy. Candace and Stacey are going to a spa for the day, so the boys decide to build their own spa. The boys create a giant bubble and float around in it. Doof has a lucky day thanks to his Good Luckinator. Stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb and pet platypus Perry who's a secret agent in disguise have lots of fun together, while avoiding being busted by sister Candace, in this entertaining animated series.

Gravity Falls Gravity Falls Season 2. Grunkle Stan goes on a road-trip to sabotage all the other tourist traps in Oregon. Meanwhile, Dipper tries to flirt with girls on the open road. Mabel decides to plan for her and Dipper's 13th birthday party.

Claire Qian

Meanwhile, Dipper ventures below the town to find its most shocking secret. On a long road trip, Big Hero 6 dreams. The boys try to cheer Candace up. She's in a bad mood because Jeremy cancelled their date. The only way Candace can get to see her favourite band in concert is to join the Fireside Girls. When Baljeet saves Buford's life, Buford decides to stop bullying him, and Baljeet can't stand it. Phineas and Ferb help Candace trace her treasured doll, which was accidentally sold in a garage sale.

Star is sent to detention, where she is elected Mayor. Her task is to help everyone with their problems, whatever they might be. Nancy accidentally destroys Saxon, but Tilly mistakenly directs her wrath at Gramma. Cricket must wrestle a wild animal for a rite of passage. Bill unearths a mysterious blue potato. Is it cursed? S1 Ep2. Supa Strikas Supa Strikas Season 3. Team Orion's strange new tactics, suggested by Coach Black, puzzle everyone. The Supa Strikas' own mastermind, The Professor, has been fired. But can he help? S3 Ep2.


The Supa Strikas play the Supa League's mysterious new side at their creepy mountain top stadium. Big Bo's form is affected when he hears the stadium is haunted by the ghost of a Grimm FC captain. S3 Ep3. Moon is back, and Star wants to find the perfect time to tell her about Globgor. Star and Marco plan their beach day, but Eclipsa needs Star's help with an unexpected problem.

Klaus is under pressure when he's picked for the big game against Technicali. So he steals Toni Vern's soccer super-suit - but will he own up to his team-mates? S3 Ep4. Coach sends Shakes for training with an eccentric coach, nicknamed The Battering Ram. But will he survive being shot from canons and leaping off cliffs?

S3 Ep8. Known as the fastest girl in the world, Bree is offered a sneaker line Meanwhile, the guys compete to design the best mission suit. S5 Ep4. After Skylar fills in as mission leader, Chase sets out to prove that he is the only team member equipped for the role. Perry moves into mission command. S5 Ep5. They soon find themselves serving some familiar looking super villains. A purse thief gets more than he bargained for when he steals Honey Lemon's chem-lab purse and it turns him into a monster.

S1 Ep3. Ducktales Ducktales Season 2. When Storkules appears in Duckburg, Louie recruits him to start a monster fighting business. Storkules agrees but his biggest battle is to be Donald's roommate and maintain his friendship. S2 Ep6. Buff Frog investigates what made the hole in the Mewman force field.

Star wants to put an end to a tired, old Mewni tradition. Mochi gets stuck in a tree and Big Hero 6 has to help him down! Furiki Wheels Furiki Wheels Season 1. Andre causes an epidemic, endangering the village. Andre reveals Miss Piston's scandalous past. Billy unwittingly turns a vintage Billy doll into a voodoo doll. Spencer stands up to Lolo and unwittingly becomes the new "king of the school". Another ghost shows up at the mansion to hang out with his idol. Sofia's class goes on a father-daughter trip to the Enchanted Animal Park but Sofia wonders if she truly belongs since Roland is only her step-dad.

Vampirina decides to put on a play with her friends but a key prop keeps crashing down! Gigantosaurus Gigantosaurus Season 1. Ayati falls over. Mazu must come up with an idea to help. A crevice rips through the ground and traps four little dinos in Giganto's path.