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Besides, he can interpret for you what the chart says your essence is trying to learn in this lifetime usually and right away. There are several ways you can find a certified indian astrologer in India, Including the Internet and a telephone directory. These astrologers provide scientific astrology services in India, including numerology services and astrology services for the financial crisis, choosing a career, worry about kid's future, business losses, marital-life problem, etc. This is advance technique of prediction by Horoscope as Deep Microscopic Analysiss.

Although few astrologers work with constellations and stars, but western astrologers work with the Moon, the Sun and the planets within the Solar System. In addition, astrology goes way beyond the popularized Sun-Sign columns published in magazines and newspapers. An astrologer who is also giving suggestion for Vedic Indian astrologer can provide you a un biased idea of who you are and what is happening to you at the time. Selecting the right astrologer solves half of your problems.

For example, an astrologer who gives you with an all-purpose reading of your horoscope may not work for you particularly if you are searching for an expert reading. An astrologer can observe your chart and recognize the nature of the patterns and energies. Forecasting health issues, transformational or predictive astrologers may help with health issues. A predictive astrologer will make predictions based on transits in the chart while a transformational astrologer will look at the illness.

When you are dealing with challenging situations, you are advised to choose evolutionary and transformational astrologers.

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Free porutham or kundali milan or vedic Match making or kundli match Tool. DETAILS OF MALE. DETAILS OF FEMALE. NAME. DATE OF BIRTH, Day Month. New Free porutham or Kundali milan or vedic Match making or kundli match Tool (for Astrologers).

A predictive astrologer can predict future events, but cannot counsel you about the remedies. A few predictive astrologers have a tendency to flounder in gloom while other astrologers can provide you encouraging words, but one must go for evolutionary and transformational astrologers in such situations. It is the study of numbers in the form of symbols. Some important numbers related to you depict your personality, emotional health, your reaction in certain situations, and how you connect with other people around you. Numerology experts study these specific numbers and try to find solutions for your problems.

With the help of our numerology services, you can understand your past and future, determine the direction to move in, discover your talents, and win over your obstacles. You can also use these numbers to understand other people in your life. How Numerology Helps You? There is a lot of information available in books and the internet about the use of numbers. But just using these numbers somehow doesn't help. To make it work, you need to take the help of the best numerology services that will get you results.

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We recognize your special numbers and use them to understand your personality. Every number has its own trait and our numerologist prepare the best combination for you depending on your personality. Your problem may be related to a personal or professional issue, home or office issue, we provide an answer for every question.

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How Numerology Works? The universe was created from a big bang and everything is believed to be vibrating at a certain frequency. The frequency of any object determines the energies and qualities associated with it. Similarly, numbers of a person are associated by his frequency and help in understanding his character.

Birth date and name of a person can be reduced to single digit number by simple addition. The numbers from 1 to 9, 11 and 22 represent vibration rates of the cosmos and these rates show us how we interact with the universal powers. Four major core elements and about thirty modifiers are derived from these numbers for symbolic evaluation of the personality. We provide the best numerology services in India with expert numerologists who have a lot of experience in reading numbers.

This is not a mystic art but involves accurate calculations and interpretations related to these calculations are followed by correct predictions of the future. We, at Cosmic Astro World do our best to bring you the best numerology practices prevalent in the country. Numerology Services in India The history of numerology dates back 10, years and it is believed that it was first practiced in Egypt and India. But Pythagoras was the first person to strengthen its principles and developed the initial systems and formulae.

Numerology services in India are prevailing since the Vedic ages and were practiced accurately by the ancient sages to ascertain human destiny. According to them, every person has three numbers, psychic number, destiny number and name number and a proper use of these numbers can help him rise in life.

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You will find many people practicing numerology and there is no dearth of information and a lot of free numerology calculators are also available on the internet. But you need to be careful while looking for numerology services provider to get your numbers accurately analyzed. Choosing the right profession and going through a right path will add to rise in life, while wrong direction in regard to career path would make one fall down. Therefore, it is the major matter of concern for young generation. Career seekers often find it difficult to choose a particular career path or to set goals.

Some though able to set goals for themselves, but often becomes dissatisfied or disappointed following low self-development or following hurdles that comes their way in professional life. Therefore, in order to becoming successful or in order to choose the career path that suits one the best and of course in order to keep sustaining a person needs consultation from an Astrologer.

The time to time guidance of an expert regard to Astrology proved beneficial in becoming successful in professional life. There is no other superior study or practise that can give an accurate prediction and guidance than Astrology in regard to career or its path. Presence of lord in first house indicates satisfaction in job, business or ina particular career path.

Debilitation and exaltation and aspect of benefit or position of malefic planets or its lord in tenth house should be examined carefully in order to predict career path of a person. Saturn is considered as a significant planet for job or business. Consultation of an Astrologer is always available by the means of the modern and technologically advanced communication methodsand by face to face consultation.

Anyone can seek help in regard to career or its path from an Astrologer with the exchange or without exchange of a consultation fee, which is termed as a free service. Female Astrology The concept of Female Astrology is nothing, but simply thecalculation, evaluation and prediction of present condition and future prospects stored for a women. Female Horoscope in terms of calculation, evaluation and prediction of future, not differs much with the Male Horoscope, except the calculation of the eighth house, which according to the Indian form of Astrology or Vedic Astrology indicates thebonds of marital bliss or in Astrological language Mangalya.

Education, marriage or marital life and happiness in married life, children or kids,husband and his death,her own death, financial condition, besides personality, grace, evenbeauty or complexion and height and figure can be predicted of a particular women in accordance with her horoscopic condition, placements of planets and certain lying factors behind all these aspects.

A detailed birth chart is drawn by an Astrologer with the help of given necessary information or data like birth date, month, year, time and birth place. In Indian Hindu form of Astrology or Vedic Astrology, innate nature, personal beauty, luck of a women are judged by calculating and evaluating ascendant. A women born under a particular ascendant carries the effect of that planet.

A girl or woman born in odd sign with the moon also in an odd sign,is devoid of modesty or grace and is of masculine traits. The planets like Saturn or Mars on the 7th house from the ascendant or on their lords or on the second house and also1st house lord of birth chart not give conducive results or effects.

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There is popular astrology, commonly found in newspapers. P specific software. Get on with the meaning of fate lines in hand with Chiromancy Or Palm Reading online. Choosing the right profession and going through a right path will add to rise in life, while wrong direction in regard to career path would make one fall down. Created for teachers, by teachers! S TEP 4.

There are many other aspects which are also been calculated or evaluated by Astrologers in order to each to a conclusion regarding life and future prospects of a girl or a women. The Female Astrological consultation is subject to obtain advice against the exchange of a consultation fee or absolutely free and by providing necessary personal confidential information.

Assistance in this regard is always waits for women or girls by Astrologers. Remedies are advised to get rid of problems in life or for making life beautiful following evaluation of condition of planets and need of the same accordingly. Detailed Match Making Detailed Match Making is the term used to describe the detailed compatibility check between a girl or a boy or a man or a woman or between a bride or a groom by examining horoscopes of the two to evaluate thesuccess of a marriage.

The system of calculation and prediction of success of love or marriage is the most oldest and traditional aspect of Vedic Astrology. Detailed Match Making is much bigger aspect of Vedic Astrology in terms of compatibility check and is practised for checking of compatibility of much more things in bride??? In the Hindu custom marriage alliance resulting following a love affair or an arrangement discussion is finally considered or consent is given after the study and match making of the ten Poruthams for the would be couple and on the basis of compatibility of the horoscopes of the bride and groom.

This is done to ensure the happiness of the couple in married life and to ensure that they stays together forever without disagreement or conflict. There are two types of compatibility check methods in Vedic or Indian form of Astrology, Gunamelana and Phala Jyotish method. Guna milan method traditionally been followed in Horoscope Match Making and Phala Jyotish method is used for the purpose of much detailed and in depth Match Making, which is traditionally termed in Vedic Astrology as Detailed Match Making , the topic for discussion of this article.

There are maximum 36 numbers of points in Guna Milan. Match Making is done by checking on eight valuable aspects of brides and groom???

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According to Astrological theory and believethe destiny of human being is predetermined, even before a person??? This is the principle of calculation of Phala Jyotisha. Detailed Match Making is done by expert astrologers in this regard by calculating of planetary combinations of the ascendant or lagna, positions of all the 9 planets in the horoscope of bride and groom, Koota or Nakshta Milan and by studying Mangala Dosha. Birth star or Nakshatra of the two concerning person are used to calculate match.

Astrologers draws birth chart of the two persons are in love or in question of marriage with the provided information related to birth date, month, year, place and birth time to him or her by a girl or a boy or their parents or thoroughly examined already drawn birth chart to evaluate or calculate Detailed Match Making.

Consultation in this regard is offered by the means of face to face and online or telephonic consultation. Hospital Vastu Consultancy Rs 1. Gender Female Hospital Vastu The place where people get admitted in order to get rid of diseases is hospital or nursing home.

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According to Vastu negative energyis behind all the diseases with which people fall ill and positive energy is theelement that can make one regain his or her health once againand can get them back into their routine life. It is only possible in a hospital, nursing home or dispensary environment built following the guidelines of Vastu laid down in Vastu Shastra, as Vastu is the practise to channelize positive energy by keeping away negative energy from an environment with the help of direction guidelines and remedies mentioned in the same subject.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow the Vastu rules mentioned in Vastu books while constructing a hospital or a nursing home. The rules of Vastu in terms of location of plot, direction maintaining while making a construction, internal or various department arrangements and miscellaneous arrangement have been laid down in Vastu Shastra. According the rules and guidelines the ideal location for constructing a hospital or a nursing home is on a square size plot, as square plot balances complete energy.

The building should be constructed either facing north or facing east and the measurement of height should be 1. In Vastu it is recommended to make the chairman or directors office in south-west or in south or in west. Join free today I am a.

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