Ishta devata as per horoscope

In Jyotish, Ketu is the descending node of Chandra Moon.

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How To Find Your Ishtadevata (Ruling God) Through Horoscope- HINDI

Online Vedic Horoscope. In every culture worship is the part of the morning routine.

How to find out ishta devata astrology

Early morning in every culture people use to worship their ishta devata or kul devat or devi. Ishta devata in astrology shows believe in specific God or Goddess that is called their ishta devata. They believe that by doing the puja of Deities they will achieve the blessing of God or Goddess. What is worship? Actually what is worship?

Offering of a material object like garlands diyas and sweet as Prasad or bhog, and singing bhakti geets or bhajan to impress our kul devta or devi. No all these are only just aids of worship.

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In any culture God never wants show off; the main thing is trust on that great creature of this world. The prayer brings the worshipper and the worshiped more close when done properly.

Puja when done correctly leads oneself toward deity. People has to pass through from the above four phases of the life.

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In other words a specific form of worship or Puja involves in offering of a material object, or the mind, or the body, or the soul to the god. Puja when done properly guides oneself toward god, and brings the worshipper and the worshiped closer.

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Everyone must do the worship of one's Ishta Devata and at least should for each planet who will be your Ishta Devata as per your Horoscope. Ishta Devta helps us attaining Moksha and coming out of As per Jaimini Sutram, following is the association between planets and.

This Deity can bless one with good passage through life. There are four main goals of human existance: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. In order to achieve them, people are advised to worship various devtas. Among all the devatas one can worship, the Ishta Devta is the foremost.